Emily is a vibrant creator that loves colors, w o r d s, and smashingthemtogether.

Her strange range of experience includes:

  • reporting on angry people during the 2016 election

  • standing on stages reminding you nanay's adobo is sarap as heck

  • hanging from silk fabric to stretch out her back and drop from ceilings

  • fighting with copy machines to scan her comics

  • meticulously criticizing fonts on store signs and taking her anger out into her latest poster project

From speaking to sketching, how stories can blend across mediums is what keeps her up late at night.

Due to these loves, she has received a bachelor degree in International Journalism, with a minor in Graphic Design and Asian Pacific American studies at Michigan State University.

Currently, Emily works for lululemon in New York City as a Key Leader. She loves outfit building and knows exactly what you'd love to sweat in based on your workout. Through the visual merchandising team, she always aims to work with her peers to create looks to help you shine your brightest on and off the mat.



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